HonkHase @ HAR2009

Vorlage für fx-pwned part1 (proudly made by Sascha von Eventphone) Want more details? Check Diva @ Geraffel Village

The final diva shrine @ Geraffel Village

Geraffel Village Infoscreen

Hmmm, this is also good for me (Honk if you like Migs...)

Stephan (Geraffel Village Resident DJ) and DJ Rev Moon

DJ Rev Moon and his lovely "Modular Analogue Synthesizermonster"

I really enjoyed when he turned and tuned the knobs

Geraffel citizens part 1

Stephan (Geraffel Village Resident DJ) in action

DJ Rev Moon's better side with the Geraffel Village Infoscreen behind her

Geraffel citizens part 2

DJ Rev Moon again at his lovely "Modular Analogue Synthesizermonster"

full in action part 1

full in action part 2

DJ Rev Moon at the HAR09 camp radio (I only hijacked DJ Mumpi one night from campradio to the CCC Dome but not DJ Rev Moon)

Dan Kaminsky with a cow-coloured octopus on his head

Dan Kaminsky with a cow-coloured octopus on his head and a Honk at his side

My tent inside. Seems to be small, but everythin I needed was in there

The coloured CCC letters at the hill by night (picture made in front of CCC Dome)

Manu with the Quadcopter Visor to see a live stream from the cam mounted under the flying Quadcopter from Lothar

Torralv as well looked ridiculous (not Manu only)

David as well looked somehow ridiculous ;)

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